Monday 29 June 2009

Monday June 29th

I took it pretty easy this morning as I was pretty tired and got up early. My average heart rate was only 138 which is lower than normal but my average speed was still 11.2 and time was 27 minutes and 17 seconds so I’m pretty pleased with that as I wasn’t really trying.

On the way back I cycled the whole way again. I felt really good. Mondays are always better as my legs are not sore after recovering over the weekend. Today I was managing around 16 MPH on the flat in 5th gear fairly easily.

I took a slightly different route today and took a bit of a shortcut through Clapham Common. Clapham Common is about 8 miles into my route so a good chance to get off the saddle for a little while so I walked for a few minutes through the path to have a bit of a break.

Despite walking part of the route I still managed an average speed of 11.5 MPH and did the whole 12 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes.

The plan this week is to cycle all the way home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow and Wednesday. There’ll be no cycling on Thursday or Friday.

Key below:

  • HRav: Average Heart Rate
  • kCal: Calories
  • D: Average
  • Av: Average Speed
  • Max: Max Speed
  • T: Time

O: HRav: 138 kCal: 358 D:5.1 Av:11.2 Max: 18.7 T: 27:17.5
R: HRav: 159 kCal: 952 D:12.4 Av:11.5 Max: 26.9 T: 1:04.41

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