Thursday 4 June 2009

Day 4 - Thursday June 4th

I left the office a bit later today as I was in a meeting and wasn't actually on my bike cycling until about 5 / 10 past 4. This didn't leave me much time to get to Waterloo before 4:45.

To begin with I was doing pretty well, I am getting to know the route now so there is no dithering. I can quite happily cruise on the flat at about 13 MPH now.

When I got to Tower Bridge I was doing really well and had averaged 11 MPH. I had a really slow walk up the steps behind a load of tourists and when I got up there the bridge was crammed with queuing traffic. I didn't fancy squeezing past it so I walked the bike over, again having to squeeze past loads of tourists over the bridge and down the steps.

On the south bank things were pretty bad again with loads of people although not quite as bad as Tuesday. I got lost at one point as I didn't know when to leave the Thames Path and go onto the road. Duke St Hill was really busy so I had to wait a while to get back on the Cycle path.

Despite all the delays I got to Waterloo at about 4:47 and got on the 4:50 train. Despite being after the 4:45 cut off none of the guards said anything.

The south bank is really not good to cycle along in the afternoon. I am thinking of cycling all the way home next week instead of leaving that till week 3. I'll maybe cycling in and back on alternating days again.

It's a rest day tomorrow so no more cycling till Monday. Despite my legs hurting and being thirsty and out of breath (and really unpleasant to be next to on the train - as I write this on the train no one is sitting in the empty seat next to me) I am still really enjoying the cycling. If only we could get ride of the b**** pedestrians! ;)

I got a GPS tracker installed on my phone today so you can see my route here.

Time 39:23 Distance 5.54 Average 8.4 Max 16.0 Cal 93.3

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