Wednesday 24 June 2009

Wednesday 24th June

The cycle this morning was harder than usual, my legs felt pretty tired but I am really pleased that I was able to cycle all the way home last night and cycle in from Waterloo this morning. I think the plan for the rest of the week is to cycle to and from Waterloo today and tomorrow and then cycle all the way home on Friday night.

The return journey was pretty non-eventful. I am finding the 5 mile cycle pretty easy now but I still push it and get a good work out (I think, my new cycle computer will help tell me if this is so). I got on the 16:39 train and had time to spare. This was with leaving from the wharf a bit later at about 16:05.

I am thinking about going back to the gym at the weekend, we don't have much on on Saturday morning. I've not been to the gym for over a year, since I started the job that I'll be leaving at the end of next week in fact. My cycling should be taking care of my leg muscles and losing weight but my upper body is not getting much exercise. I would like to do 1 personal training session a week to just work on my upper body. As these muscles get bigger this will in turn help weight loss as these muscles will burn calories all the time.

Last night I ordered a new cycle computer, the CS200cad. I was going to go for the CS100 but I wanted the cadence sensor and by the time I added that it came to nearly as much as the CS200cad (which comes with the cadence sensor already). This is a lot more than my last cycle computer but I want to monitor my heart rate and get a better idea of the calories I am burning. The CS200 should be much better at this.

O: Time: 28.47 Average: 11.1 Max: 20.0 Distance: 5.36 kCal: 105.0
R: Time: 27.44 Average: 10.0 Max: 21.7 Distance: 4.64 kCal: 94.9
(on the return journey I didn’t have my computer plugged in at the start, that’s why it’s shorter)

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