Wednesday 10 June 2009

Week 2 Day 3 - Wednesday 10th June - Morning

Today is supposed to be the first day that I cycle in and back from Waterloo in the same day. I don't really have a choice going home as there is a tube strike so if I want to go home I'll have to cycle.

I managed to get the 6:32 train again this morning and my cycle was all the way down to 31 minutes but I still only got to Canary Wharf at 7:30. This will partly be because I had to wait about 5 minutes for the swing bridge on narrow street and partly because there are more traffic lights on my new route (time waiting at traffic lights is not counted by my computer). I can go round some of these so as I get more used to the route I'll probably get quicker.

Legs were pretty sore this morning so I was making a conscious effort not to push too hard to save my legs for tonight. I was trying to cruise in 3rd and leave 4th alone as that was where the pain started.

I had my first slightly scary moment this morning when I was trying to squeeze past a van on tower bridge and my pedal scraped the pavement. Tower bridge is the only scary bit of my route really. I'll get better at it as the weeks go past.

My route is here:

But it doesn't seem to have recorded the start for some reason.

Time: 31:28 Average: 10.2 Max: 17.4 Distance: 5.39 kCal: 95.0

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