Monday 8 June 2009

Week 2 Day 1 - Monday 8th June

Woke up to a pretty grey morning this morning but at least it wasn't raining as it had been all weekend. I was slow getting my act together and only managed the 6:32 train again. I think I am going to have to start getting my bag and clothes ready the night before. Getting out of bed actually when my alarm goes off would help as well of course but 5:50 feels very early on a Monday morning when you're used to a lie in over the weekend.

The good news was that I didn't put any weight on over the weekend so none of last week's hard work was wasted.

I was trying quite hard as I left Waterloo and I kept above 13 MPH for most of the flat easy bit along the Thames. When I got to Tower Bridge my average was only 8.9 though. I think this is because it includes the short cycle from the flat to Wimbledon station. I'll have to try to rest the computer on the train.

Instead of having a rest at the bottom of the Tower Bridge steps and at the top I went straight up the steps and had a rest at the top. I was pretty knackered and had to wait a while before setting off. The bridge was pretty busy so I had to wait a little to jump into the traffic.

I'm starting to wonder about a different route. There are quite a few cobbles on my current route north of the river. I'll maybe try going on the roads on Thursday and see what it's like - it should be a bit shorter as well.

The numbers are still getting better. I'm going to try to eat healthily this week and see how it affects my weight lose this week.

I tracked my route again today here.

Time: 36:07 Average: 9.5 Max: 17.1 Distance: 5.75 kCal: 99.1

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