Thursday 25 June 2009

Thursday 25th June

Cycling in this morning was pretty tough. I was tired as I didn’t sleep that well last night and my legs were being very un-cooperative. I just decided to take it easy as I wasn’t in a hurry.

About half way I stopped to blow a runny nose and had a pretty bad nose bleed. I waited for it to stop for a while and it didn't, I then started walking slowly with my bike hoping it would stop and it still didn't. I stopped walking and eventually my nose did stop bleeding. I probably looked like I’d been mugged or fallen off my bike or something as a few passers by asked if I was ok. I managed to get a fair amount of blood on my shorts which I'll have to wear on the way back tonight but that's ok.

I do get nosebleeds sometimes and they are nothing more than an inconvenience - especially when you're cycling and can't go to the toilet to get copious amounts of toilet paper! I managed to wash most of the blood off before continuing by using the water in my water bottle so they did at least let me in the building when I go tot work.

Returning home was much better. I felt pretty strong and did Canary Wharf to Waterloo in a little over 25 minutes. I got the 16:36 train and got to Wimbledon Station at 16:50.

I got my new cycle computer today so I’ll try to get it fitted tonight. It will be interesting to see how the calorie estimation compares between the 2 computers.

O: Time: 34.03 Average: 8.5 Max: 17.1 Distance: 4.88 kCal: 83.2
R: Time: 27:38 Average: 10.3 Max: 20.4 Distance: 4.76 kCal: 98.8

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