Thursday 11 June 2009

Week 2 Day 4 - Wednesday 11th June

The ride went pretty well this morning. I went along The Cut, Union Street and Tooley Street again and was my shortest route to date - just under 5 miles. It only took me 28 minutes on the computer but including traffic lights I think that is closer to 40.

It's not as nice as the Thames route and is MUCH busier - Tower Bridge and Borough High Street especially. It might actually be better to go straight down Borough High Street and over London Bridge. I'll try that at some point and see how it works.

Despite this being my 4th day of cycling and cycling over 10 miles yesterday I got my highest average speed today and most calories burnt.

Route is here:

Time: 28:08 Average: 10.6 Max: 17.0 Distance: 4.99 kCal: 108.2

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