Wednesday 3 June 2009

Day 2 – Tuesday 2nd June

Today I was cycling from Canary Wharf to Waterloo for the first time. I left my desk a bit early at 3:45 to get changed. There was a bit of time pressure as you're not allowed bikes on the train after 4:45 so I had about 50 minutes to get there.

I cycled pretty hard to make sure I would make it in time and it was pretty hard work. I was doing pretty well though.

Someone at work had suggested that I use London Bridge instead of Tower bridge so I gave that a try. It turned out to be a bad idea though. After Tower Bridge you're not allowed to cycle past The Tower of London so I had to walk for quite a while. The Thames Path was also very narrow and busy on that side of the river. I wasted a lot of distance getting on the path for a bit then having to go back to the road and repeating.

The road I was on went under Tower Bridge so I had to get the next bridge. Back on the south bank the cycle lanes were really busy with pedestrians wondering about! I think I'll have to try to find a parallel road to use on the return home.

I got to Waterloo with about 5 mins to spare and managed to get my bike into a proper rack on the train. I was very hot and sweaty and probably not very nice to be near but I was really glad I had made it as I didn't want to leave my bike at Waterloo over night.

I am fairly confident about cycling the whole way home which will be about 12 miles. It's twice the distance but there is no time constraint. This will mean that if I have to I can work later and not worry about leaving my bike at Waterloo. The plan is to start this in week 3.

Time: 42:14 Average: 8.1 Max: 16.2 Distance: 5.72 kCal: 91.2

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