Wednesday 3 June 2009

Day 1 – Monday 1st June

Today was my first cycle to work. I was pretty nervous to be honest. Not really about traffic, just fear of the unknown I suppose: would I get lost, would I hold all the other bikes up, would I find the showers at work, would I get the bike on the train ok etc...

I did have some problems on the train with the bike as there was someone sitting in the seats where the bike rack is. I leant the bike against the doors instead so had to move from side to side at each station to let people on.

The cycle was actually ok. I had printed a route out which I largely ignored. I'll have to get a GPS logger for my phone to record my route to put it on the blog. Most of my route just follows the Thames Path and is a very nice ride.

The route was pretty clear and empty. There were a few other bikes which were actually pretty useful for finding the way. There are a few places where the Thames Path comes away from the river and it's not immediately obvious which way to go.

Tower Bridge is about half way so I stopped for a bit of a rest before climbing the stairs. The stairs were a killer for my already tired legs and when at the top I wimped out and walked across!

Right at the end of the route there is another killer set of steps to get to Canary Wharf. There is a tunnel under the raised area but I'm not sure I fancy that. I'll maybe investigate the tunnel later.

I had got up at my usual time and I got to Canary Wharf about 20 / 30 minutes later than I would normally. By the time I had showered I was about 45 minutes later. I think this is pretty good for a first attempt.

Time: 45:12 Average: 7.8 Max: 17.5 Distance: 5.94 kCal: 88.7

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