Saturday 27 June 2009

End of week 4 and return to the Gym

It's been a pretty good week and I have cycled over 50 miles. I've lost just over 6 lb.

I had my first Gym session in over a year this morning. It was a try out personal training session to see if I got on with a potential new PT (personal trainer).

The guy's name was Alex and he specialises in weight training. I went for him as I don't want to do much cardio at the gym as I think I get enough of that on the bike during the week. At the gym I mostly want to work on the upper body and core muscles, basically anything that my cycling doesn't cover.

It was only a half hour session but my god that was enough. We stayed on the weight machines rather than the free weights and did bench presses, rowing (weights machine not rowing machine) and shoulder press. We did 3 or 4 sets of 15 with 45 second rests.

To be honest I am not sure why we did the last set on each machine as by then my arms were like spaghetti and Alex did basically all the work!

After the weights we did 4 minutes on the cross trainer. 20 seconds of sprinting followed by 10 seconds of rest and so on. After 2 minutes I had to ask to slow down as I was starting to feel sick but in the 4th minute we did more sprints. I think the sickness was partly because I had just taken a big drink of water which was probably a bad idea.

When we had finished I literally could barely lift my arms above my head. Showering and drying my hair was very difficult as was putting on under arm deodorant!

I think that 2 half hour sessions a week (not sure I could manage a 1 hour session) would be pretty good and compliment my cycling well.

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