Friday 26 June 2009

Friday 26th June

Today was the first time that I got to play with my new toy – my Polar Cycling Computer. I am pretty pleased with it so far. There are 1 or 2 things about it that I still need to figure out but it gives me a whole lot more information about how I am doing.

It sets max and min heart rates for you that you should try to stay between. It works this out based on your age, height and weight. It also uses these values to estimate calories burnt based on heart rate. I went above my max heart rate (160) a few time today. Usually when racing to get through a green light.

The morning run was pretty good – I got from Waterloo to the Wharf in 27:33 minutes, that was with me pedalling for 26:56 and in my target zone for 25:20.

The best bit of information was the calories burnt – a huge 388. My other computer estimated this trip as around 100.

On the return I cycled all the way home again. Up till about half way I was feeling pretty strong but the last half was a struggle. I stopped and walked for about 5 minutes 8 miles in to try to stop getting a sore backside. I think this worked as the last 2 miles were not nearly as uncomfortable as usual.

I burnt over 900 calories on the return journey taking my total burnt for the day to about 1400.

I think that I can improve my route on the way back slightly by going through Clapham Common. I think this will cut off a bit of a corner and avoid some of the congested sections of the route.

My computer allows you to upload data to a website. I’ll have a play with that later and see if I can get that to work so I can save all my training data for comparison later.

O: Time: 26:46 Average: 11.6 Max: 20.8 Distance: 5.2 kCal: 388
R: Time: 1:06:02 Average: 11 Max: 23.6 Distance: 12.1 kCal: 936

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