Tuesday 23 June 2009

Tuesday 23rd June 2009

I couldn’t cycle in today as my bike was still at Canary Wharf. To make up for this I decided to try and cycle all the way back.

At Tower Bridge I was still feeling pretty good so I cycled all the way to Wimbledon.

It only took me 1 hour and 2 minutes to cycle all the way back which I was really pleased with. This doesn’t include lights but I don’t think it can be much more than 70 minutes all in. This really does prove to me that you can cycle the whole way and not have it take much longer than getting the train.

The weather was really nice today and made being outside very nice. One the slow uphill bits though when there wasn’t much of a wind it did start to feel really hot.

The ride was hard again tonight but already I felt that it was easier than Friday night. My backside is sore again but not nearly as bad. I hope I’m ok to cycle again tomorrow morning. I might even cycle all the way back again tomorrow night.

This time round I found a way out of Canary Wharf that avoids the big hill up to the roundabout and then down steps. This is even worse on the way back as you need to climb a huge set of steps carrying a heavy bike on tired legs.

At this bit:

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I used to have to cycle up the hill on the right but this time I went into the tunnel on the left.

After you come out you can then get on this bit of pavement to get back to the Thames Path:

View Larger MapThis will be really useful going in the other direction in the morning. I HATE those steps!

I have now done over 100 miles on Oliver.

Time: 1:02.26 Average: 11.6 Max: 26.3 Distance: 12.13 kCal: 259.0

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