Friday 19 June 2009

Friday June 19th – Afternoon

Well I made it! I cycled the entire 12 miles home. It was ok till about the last 3 miles when I started to get a sore arse.

I’m very pleased that I managed it though and will probably do it again next Friday, ore maybe sooner depending how I’m feeling. At the moment the though of cycling again tomorrow morning isn’t that appealing so doing it on a Friday seems like a good idea.

My route was the shortest I could find. I might try a slight variation though as the end of the route had some pretty long hills. Fortunately they were mostly downhill but there were some tough long uphill sections. Carrying on along the Northern Line (Upper Tooting Road) might be a bit longer but might be a bit easier.

It took me 80 minutes all in but only 70 not including traffic lights and other stops. I stopped a few times to check that I was going in the right direction.

There were some big roundabouts on the route but they were actually pretty easy to negotiate on the bike. The rest of the roads were mostly nice and wide and quite a few had bus lanes so generally it was a pretty good ride.

I am feeling pretty sore at the moment so I’ll have to see how I feel on Monday.

I have now cycled a total of 90 miles on Oliver.

Time: 1:09:48 Average: 10.3 Max: 22.7 Distance: 12.08 kCal: 228.1

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