Wednesday 3 June 2009

Day 3 – Wednesday 3rd June

This morning I got the train from Wimbledon and cycled from Waterloo.

Getting on the bike to cycle to the station this morning (only 0.2 miles) my legs and backside were pretty sore after the harder ride last night. I hoped that this would get better quickly on the main ride.

Despite the train carriage I was in having 4 bikes in I managed better than on Monday not hitting anyone with the bike and not having to switch sides at each station to let people on. I just stayed in the middle of the carriage and let people go round me.

I was on the 6:32 this morning instead of the 6:23 on Monday, the same train I get when I shower at home. I'm not sure what takes me so long in the morning but I need to start getting up quicker.

The cycle was actually really good. My legs were tired but didn't affect me too much. I knew where I was going this morning and my average speed was a bit higher so I got to work at the same time despite the later train.

Time: 38.22 Average: 9.0 Max: 16.2 Distance: 5.78 kCal: 92.9

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