Thursday 4 June 2009

End of Week 1

Well after 4 days of cycling I have lost just over 2lb. Not quite as much as I had hoped for but I did have a big chinese on Wednesday night that was forced upon me by some friends! ;) I hope that as my muscles got stronger and I cycle harder and longer the calories I burn will go up and weight loss will increase. Next week I'm going to try to stick to salads at lunch and just cereal in the evening and see how I get on.

Each day I seem to be getting a bit better and a bit stronger. I have cycled a total of just under 23 miles and burnt a total of around 366 calories. I actually think that the calories are very inaccurate. I need to find my polar heart rate monitor and see what it says as it'll be much more accurate I imagine.

I'm away this weekend on a car trip so I hope I don't put those 2lb back on!

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