Wednesday 10 June 2009

Week 2 Day 3 – Wednesday 10th June – Afternoon

Surprisingly my legs weren’t as sore cycling home today as they were in the morning. I think that walking around during the day stops my legs getting stiff but sleeping at night allows my muscles to stiffen up.

I used my new route again today and was taking it pretty easy as I was tired after the morning. I got to Tower Bridge and the steering seemed a bit funny. I realised that I had a flat front tyre – right in the middle of the bridge!

I had to stop, lift my bike over the barriers and walk along the pavement. My plan was to walk to Evans Cycles near Waterloo. On my way I walked past Evans London Bridge. They took about 30 minutes to fix the wheel.

Once they had finished with the wheel I decided to carry on along Tooley Street and Union Street to Waterloo. The route was not as pretty as along the Thames Path but there were no pedestrians in the way. I’ll give it a try tomorrow with hopefully no unscheduled stops.

My route is here.

The average below is low as I had to walk about a mile. I have now cycled a total of 52.1 miles on my bike over the last 3 weeks.

Time: 47:26 Average: 6.9 Max: 14.7 Distance: 5.5 kCal: 83.2

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