Sunday 28 June 2009

Swimming and sore arms

Yesterday morning I went swimming for the first time in ages. Alex (my new PT) had recommended it as some gentle exercise following the weights on Saturday. It would help stop my muscles getting too sore.

I swam 40 lengths, which in the gym's 20M pool is about half a mile. It was fine and I actually enjoyed it as I always enjoyed swimming. My arms were a bit sore initially but soon loosened up.

The rest of the day my arms got increasingly painful. Most movements were fine but straightening my elbows all the way was INCREDIBLY painful. Lifting my arms above my head, for example to grab the collar at the back of my neck to take off my T-shirt was also very sore.

I took some Ibuprofen but it didn't help much.

I had a mixed night sleep as whenever I turned over I woke up. It was also VERY hot.

This morning I actually got up when the alarm went off for a change and got out of the flat at 6. I made it to the station for 6:05 only to find that the next train wasn't until 6:14.

The in laws were with us over the weekend so I had a couple of big meals and some cocktails. End result was that I put on 4lb over the weekend but I'm not worried about that and am sure I'll lose it again quickly this week.

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