Thursday 18 June 2009

Friday June 19th - Morning

Good cycle this morning. I was going to try going back the way I came home last night but the big roundabout that the BFI IMAX sits in was a bit scary so I went on the Thames Path as usual.

The Thames Path is nice but is about half a mile or more further and it's difficult to maintain a high average speed as there are bridges and trees ect in the way. Next week I'll try to go on the roads in the morning as well and see how it goes.

Tonight is my first time cycling all the way home. It is 12 miles so I should be able to do it in just over an hour. I'm not sure how the traffic will affect me though.

Time: 28:04 Average: 11.4 Max: 18.9 Distance: 5.35 kCal: 103.7

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