Sunday 5 July 2009

Wednesday 1st July / end of Week 5

Wednesday was actually a few days ago but things have been a bit busy since then so I've not had a chance to blog.

It was pretty hard work again on Wednesday. I think partly because of the heat and partly because I was tired.

I cycled the whole way back again but this time I made sure I had some money with me. On Tuesday I was running out of water and didn't have any money to buy some more. In that sort of heat you need to be careful about dehydration so I drank 2 whole bottles of water on the way back.

Wednesday was the last cycle this week as I had a leaving do on Thursday night and I drove to North Yorkshire on Friday night.

Next week I won't be cycling to work on Monday as I start a new job. I'm still working at Canary Wharf so the route will be the same. I'll have to check the building and bike parking out so that I know where the showers are before I start cycling again. Hopefully I can cycle in on Tuesday.

I didn't lose very much weight last week, just enough to lose what I put on at the weekend. This weekend has been a social one as well so I've eaten and drunk a fair bit again.

I'm not particularly worried about that as long as I lose anything I put on at the weekend. I am probably putting some muscle on as well so if my weight stays the same I am still doing good (I hope).

I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike on Tuesday, after a good long rest this weekend I should feel pretty strong. I’m planning to cycle in from Waterloo and all the way back 4 days which will be about 68 miles, the most so far. I’m hoping for cooler weather so it’s a bit easier.

O: HRav:136 kCal:376 D:5.2 Av:11.0 Max:18.5 T:28:25.6
R: HRav:136 kCal:925 D:12.2 Av:10.6 Max:26.5 T:1:08.48

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