Thursday 16 July 2009

Thursday 16th July

This morning my knees were still sore when I set out. They’ve have been uncomfortable and a bit painful most of the week – when I am cycling and when I am sitting down for example.

I think that this is just because I pushed it a bit too much at the start of the week. Today I made a real effort to take it a bit easier staying in lower gears and only changing up when it felt really easy in that gear.

This seemed to work and at the end of the ride I didn’t feel sore or tired at all really. Looking at the numbers my average heart rate was lower and so were the calories burnt. This is less than ideal but if I had been doing this since the start of the week I probably would have managed 5 days of cycling instead of 4 so it would have been worth it.

Despite taking it easier it only took me 2 minutes longer to get to work.

I did the same on the cycle home and again I felt much stronger at the end of the ride than usual. Again my average heart rate and calories burnt were lower but my legs are less sore and I feel like cycling tomorrow will be fine.

It actually took me 2 minutes less time to cycle home today than yesterday. This was with the same short walk through Clapham Common as yesterday. This is a pretty minor change though over an hour so this difference could just be because of traffic lights for example.

O: HRav:136 kCal:343 D:5.1 Av:11.7 Max:21.5 T:26:25.7
R: HRav:138 kCal:862 D:12.3 Av:11.4 Max:25.1 T:1:04.52

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