Monday 20 July 2009

Monday 20th July

I took the cycle this morning easy again and it felt really easy all the way. My average heart rate was only 132 but I still managed the whole journey from waterloo to the wharf (including stops) in 26:55.3. Ride time was 25:12.7.

When I got to the wharf I went back to climbing up the steps rather than cycling up the hill. I think this is quicker as I don't have to wait for the lights. Cycling up the hill is also pretty hard. The steps weren't too bad this morning anyway (because I had taken it easy) but I do tend to get oil on my clothes as I have to carry my bike. Linzi won't be pleased!

When I got to HSBC the showers were cold! Normally this would be really nice but this morning as I hadn't been pushing it I wasn't very hot and a cold shower wasn't very welcome. Still I coped being all manly and all that!

The ride back was ok, it was windy again though (as always). My heart rate kept dropping below the minimum limit which I thought was a bit odd so I was trying quite hard to keep it within the range on my cycle computer. I was wondering if I had the sensor on wring or not wet enough or something. I got a pretty good time taking into account the walk I have through Clapham Common so I would have expected my HR to be higher.

My knees were sore again on the way back. I am trying to take it easy again and not put too much strain on my knees but they don’t seem to be getting better. I’ll just have to see how it goes.

O: HRav:132 kCal:314 D:5.0 Av:12.1 Max:20.6 T:25:12.7
R: HRav:134 kCal:810 D:12.4 Av:11.6 Max:24.7 T:1:04.32

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