Wednesday 29 July 2009

Tuesday 28th July

This morning felt pretty hard and my heart rate kept going to low. It was hard to keep my heart rate up and it generally felt a bit of a struggle. My knees were also pretty sore. I was beginning to think that I should get rid of the new pedals and cages.

I thought that I should put my saddle up so I put it up about an inch. On the way back I think this helped a bit but initially it wasn’t much better. About half way I stopped and put the seat up about another inch. The bike felt quite a bit better afterwards but my knees were still sore.

It was a bit of a struggle and for pretty much the first time I just wanted to be home rather than have to cycle all the way back.

O: HRav:130 kCal:290 D:5.1 Av:12.3 Max:19.4 T:25:00.6
R: HRav:134 kCal:825 D:12.2 Av:11.3 Max:24.9 T:1:04:44

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