Friday 17 July 2009

Friday 17th July

This morning the ride was really good and I got my highest ever average speed of 13.1. I was a bit late for a personal training session I had booked at the gym and I had missed the 6:23 train so had to get the 6:32.

My personal training session was pretty good. It wasn’t too hard but hard enough. It was 45 minutes and we concentrated mostly on my upper body.

Stormy showers were forecast for the afternoon so at lunch I bought a gore tex cycling jacket.

The ride home was really hard. It was incredibly windy again and I was generally feeling pretty tired. This was most likely due to the gym in the morning. Although we didn’t do much leg work they did get used a bit. I didn’t have that much for lunch either which might not have helped. I took the cycle back really slowly and was very pleased to get home.

I was again really lucky with the weather and I didn’t get rained on. It was drizzling very slightly when I got home but shortly after I got home it started raining properly. So far in all the time I’ve been cycling I’ve not got wet once!

That’s the end of the 7th week since I’ve started cycling. This week I did 68 miles this week and have done 268.6 miles.

O: HRav:141 kCal:350 D:5.5 Av:13.1 Max:20.7 T:25:09.4
R: HRav:133 kCal:839 D:12.1 Av:10.3 Max:24.3 T:1:08.57

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