Thursday 23 July 2009

Thursday 23rd July

When I started out this morning I felt pretty tired after yesterday’s extra cycling and trying a bit harder than I should have done. After not very long though I felt better and did pretty well getting an average of 12.5 MPH again.

Today Oliver had his first free service. While he was in there I got some more brake pads fitted, new pedals and some cage things for the pedals. I also got some glasses.

The sun glasses that I have been using were standard non-wrap around ones. This usually meant that the wind would come round the edges of the glasses and go straight into my eyes along with whatever rubbish happened to be blowing along. A few times I got things in my eyes and it was very unpleasant. The new glasses are wrap around and are quite dark (I usually find that sun glasses are not dark enough). They work really well and are very comfortable.
They were supposed to come with inter changeable lenses for different lighting conditions but they couldn’t find the case so I got the glasses that should have been £35 for £20.

The new brake pads are a huge improvement so far. The old ones were constantly incredibly squeaky, in fact I hardly ever used my front brakes as they were so loud. The new ones don’t squeak at all but we’ll have to see if they continue like that. My old ones didn’t squeak to start with.

The new pedals are much better as well. The old ones were smooth and plastic so had very little grip – especially in the wet. The new ones are metal and have studs so they are very grippy. The cages for the pedals ensure that you pedal on the balls of your feet and forces you to use your calf muscles more. They took a bit of getting used to. To begin with I wasn’t sure that I liked them but I got used to the fairly quickly. It does take some getting used to getting your feet in and out of the cages but I’ll get better at as I get more used to it.

It did seem to really make a difference to my cycling. My feet really felt connected to the pedals instead of constantly almost slipping off them. I felt really string and when I was pushing it I felt like I could go a lot quicker.

My muscles are feeling quite used now and I have been getting some cramps but I think this is because I have been forced to use my muscles in a different way due to the new position of my feet. I’m pretty sure that I’ll adjust quite quickly. I’m not cycling again for 4 days so that’ll give my legs a chance to recover.

On the way back I paused my cycle computer to re-adjust my pedals and forgot to un-pause it which is why the distance and time is less. I averaged over 12 MPH though so I’m pleased.

O: HRav:135 kCal:314 D:5.1 Av:12.5 Max:19.6 T:24:38.0
R: HRav:141 kCal:733 D:10.4 Av:12.1 Max:25.8 T:51.55.1

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