Friday 31 July 2009

Friday 31st July

This morning was the first time that I cycled in all the way. The ride felt really easy (there wasn’t a breath of wind) and without caring or even looking at my average during the ride I did and average of nearly 14 MPH and got my best time ever for the whole ride – 54:34.7 door to door and 53:41.8 ride time.

There are a couple of big down hill sections on the way home at the end of the day that I was a bit worried about. The first one is long but not particularly steep till right at the end and wasn’t too bad. The second is quite a bit steeper. It has a small down hill section before so I was able to get up some speed to help but it was still a bit of a struggle getting all the way up the hill.

I felt fine after my cycle in – not particularly tired or sore and I was only about 10 mins later to work. If I get my act together and leave quicker in the morning I’ll be able to get that right down.

I dropped my bike off at Evans today to have the noise from the bottom bracket looked at. The front breaks were also making a king of scraping noise. They charged me £35 which I thought was a bit cheeky (but I didn’t say so – was easier to just pay it) as in my opinion they were fixing stuff that they didn’t do right during the free service last week. The bike did feel much better on the way home though – no noises from brakes or when pedalling and the brakes all felt a lot tighter.

Despite not feeling tired after the morning ride I did feel pretty tired on the way home. It was much less windy than that last few days but still a bit blowey. Tower Bridge was soooo much easier though, usually with the slope and the wind I’m down to about 9 or 10 MPH but today I sailed over at about 14 MPH.

I really wasn’t trying on the way back as my legs were a little sore and I generally felt like I’d already cycled quite a bit today. I still managed the ride within the hour though.

O: HRav:142 kCal:733 D:12.3 Av:13.8 Max:24.6 T:53:41.8
R: HRav:137 kCal:754 D:11.8 Av:12.5 Max:25.5 T:56:44.4

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