Thursday 6 August 2009

Wednesday 5th August

My legs felt pretty sore this morning from last night so I took it easy on the way in.

On the way back I didn't feel very good and cycling was really hard work. It was also really hot and humid - very unpleasant. My cycle computer went a bit mad again so the numbers aren't accurate. I did the same route but 1.1 miles seem to have come out of nowhere.

Bizarrely my arm was sore on the way back. Possibly I pulled a muscle slightly lifting my bike or something.

Was very pleased to get home and get off my bike at the end of the day.

O: HRav:133 kCal:300. D:5.1 Av:12.7 Max:20.4 T:24:11.3
R: HRav:138 kCal:826 D:13.8 Av:13.4 Max:24.2 T:1:01:55

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