Thursday 13 August 2009

Thursday 13th August

I tried to take it a bit easier this morning as my legs were feeling a bit used from last night. My average heart rate was lower - 131 but my average was still 13 MPH and my ride time still less than 25 minutes.

It wasn't really raining in the morning but it had been earlier so the road was really wet. I got wet as a lot of water was thrown up off my wheels so by the time I got to work I was pretty soggy.

On the way home I left work late at about 5:15 as I was finishing some stuff off before my long weekend. As I was late anyway I was taking it easy. It was really nice weather for a ride - sunny but not too hot and everything had dried up nicely.

When I got to Tower Bridge there were gates across as it was about to be raised, I'd not seen that before. It was quite a sight but was was even more of a sight was all the cyclist and motorcyclists all waiting to go. When the gates opened it was like the start of a race and some tourists in the crowd were even shouting "GO GO!". I was riding in a big bunch of cyclists for quite a while because of this which was quite nice.

Just going through the roundabout at Elephant and Castle my rear tyre started to feel a bit soft. Sure enough I had a puncture and the tyre went down pretty quickly. I got off and had to walk nearly 3 miles to the next Evans Cycles in Clapham.

They changed the tyre for me and I bought a spare inner tube and some tyre levers so that next time it happens I'll (hopefully) be able to change the tyre myself. So far I've been really lucky and all my little breakdowns have happened on the way home when Evans has been opened but I can't rely on staying that lucky.

That's the end of Week 11 now and I have finally reached the 2 stone lost point. I'm away to Germany for the weekend so won't be going to work (or cycling again) until Tuesday.

As I've got a 4 day rest I think next week I'll try to cycle the whole way in and the whole way back for at least 2 days next week and see how I go.

O: HRav:131 kCal:276 D:5.1 Av:13.0 Max:20.0 T:23:26.3

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