Thursday 20 August 2009

Thursday 20th August

This morning I cycled all the way in again and felt pretty good. The forecast rain didn’t appear luckily so I didn’t get wet.

I wasn’t trying particularly hard this morning but I think I must have just got lucky with the lights. I averaged 15.1 MPH over 12.5 miles and did the whole journey in less than 50 minutes! My previous highest average was only 14 I think.

On the way back I felt pretty tired. I had been pretty tired all day so the journey back did feel pretty hard and long.

I’ve done 50 miles over the last 2 days and about 67 this week in just 3 days. I’ll not be cycling tomorrow as I am going out in the evening so that’s it for this week. Next week my legs will hopefully be feeling fresh again after a 3 day rest so I’ll be back to enjoying my cycling more.

O: HRav:148 kCal:763 D:12.5 Av:15.1 Max:23.9 T:49:36.0
R: HRav:133 kCal:744 D:11.9 Av:11.7 Max:23.7 T:1:01:02

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