Monday 19 October 2009

Monday 19th October

Despite not blogging for ages I have been carrying on the cycling. The week ending the 2nd October was my first week cycling the whole way in both directions - 25 miles a day, 125 miles in one week.

Today was the first day I cycled since about the 7th. I was away for a long weekend and have been ill with a cough and cold since then. It's still lingering but is basically better.

The cycle this morning was pretty good. It took me 53 mins which I was pretty pleased with. I wasn't especially pushing - partly because it was too dark to see my computer! It was still dark enough for the street lights to be on when I got to canary wharf. It was really properly dark when I left.

I had my gore tek jacket and my cycling gloves on this morning. I did feel a little bit hot but not too bad. I think I would have been VERY cold without them.
I did still have shorts on and my legs felt fine. That is until I had a shower! My legs got really itchy when they started to warm up so I am probably going to have to do something about that before it gets much colder.

O: HRav:143 kCal:766 D:12.4 Av:13.8 Max:21.4 T:53:51.3

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