Friday 6 November 2009

5 Month Update

After a couple of weeks off because of a cold and a few days away from work I am back to cycling pretty much every day. Doing a whole week of 125 miles is nothing special anymore and I find it pretty easy.

I have had a few days when I have not cycled in just because I've felt tired when waking up but not many at all. I've also had a few days when I have got very wet but again not very many and they're not too bad.

I have now cycled nearly 1500 miles and the bike is in for it's stage 1 service. My rear brakes have worn out and are not working well and I apparently need a new rear cassette and chain. The rear wheel also needs re-trueing. I'm hoping the bike will feel much better again when I get it back as it usually does.

The important thing is that I am still enjoying cycling and don't see any reason why I would stop over the winter. I am considering finding a nicer, longer route now that I can cope with the 25 miles a day.

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