Thursday 17 September 2009

2 Flat Tyres in One Day!

This morning was not a good cycling morning. I went down to the bike and climbed on looking forward to a good ride into work on what looked looked like a nice morning.

I discovered that I had a flat back tyre - it must have been a slow one as it was fine last night. It's my first puncture since I got the Armadillos but it's still a bit dissapointing.

Anyway, I went back up to the flat and got my spare inner tube out of my bed side table (don't ask). I managed to change the tube fairly quickly but just as I had pumped it up to the right pressure there was a little 'pop' and the tyre came away from the rim. A balloon of inner tube then appeared and kept getting bigger before it exploded!

With no more spare inner tubes I had no choice to go back upstairs, have a shower and get on the train.

I really need to get better at changing tubes. It seems to be as easy as it should be.

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