Tuesday 1 September 2009

Tyres, Seat Posts and Clothes

When I was pumping my tyres up on Friday I noticed that the beading on the rear tyre was pretty knackered. I’ve been wanting to try some Armadillo tyres for a while as they are supposed to be almost impossible to puncture.

On Saturday I bought a pair of Armadillos and fitted them. I ended up with the Cross Roads ones which are for road use and unpaved paths. I think I should have really got the Nimbus as that’s just for roads but I’ll see how the ones I have do.

I also bought a solid seat post. The one that I have had so far had suspension in it to soak up the worst of the bumps. I think it was good initially but it was starting to annoy me as I could feel me going up and down sometimes when I was pedalling wasting energy.

The new seat post also means that I won’t get oil all over my shorts and T-shirts anymore from the suspension bit. As a result of this I am looking for some better cycling gear. The cotton shorts I have are ok but not good in the wet. I also want to get some cycling undershorts that should be much more comfortable than boxer shorts.

I’m looking forward to trying the new bike set up tomorrow to see how it feels. The plan this week is to cycle all the way on all 4 days so that I’ll do about the same mileage as last week but only over 4 days (because of the bank holiday) instead of 5.

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