Monday, 3 June 2013

2013 Sponsorship and Training update

Well the sponsorship effort is going pretty well so far so thank you to everyone who has donated. I have raised £970 of my chosen target of £1000 so far so very close to reaching it. I am confident that by the time I have completed all my events I'll get there.

Yesterday (Sunday) I did my first and only proper training ride this year. This was The King of the Downs, a ride organised by Evans cycles that I did last year. It is a 55 mile ride with 5 tough hills. This is actually probably tougher than all of my rides except for the 100 mile ride in August.
I was really pleased with my performance on the ride. I managed to shave nearly half an hour off my moving time (4ish hours down to 3 and a half) from last year and pretty much an hour off my total time. This was largely because I only stopped once and didn't walk up any of the hills.
As well as improvements in the overall time I got much better times on all the hills in the ride. This is not really a surprise as I am over 40lbs (about 18 kgs) lighter this time round than last year. That is quite a lot of extra weight to haul up the hills so I had a big advantage this time!
The ride details are here if you want a look:

Other than this ride I haven't done any specific training at all but I have been doing my normal commute to work - this is up to 180 miles a week if I ride all 5 days. In a normal week I will cycle all 5 days.
In May there was a challenge on Strava to do 1000km in one month. I thought that I was going to reach this but missed by only about a day's commute! Too many bank holidays and things to get to after work! I shouldn't have a problem getting to 1000km in June though with all my charity rides.

This Saturday is the first charity ride. It's the London Nightrider which I am really looking forward to. Last year was great fun and I hope it'll be just as good this year.
The weekend after that is the London to Brighton ride which I am looking forward to as well. I've got a nice early start (6:00 AM) so shouldn't have problems with traffic getting in my way.

I think the weekend after that I'll have a bit of a rest after 3 weekends filled with 50 mile plus rides!

That's it for now. I'll do another update and let you know how the first lot of charity rides go.

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