Monday 25 April 2011

Long overdue update

Just a quick note as it’s been ages since I said anything on here.

I am still cycling and am coping ok with the 36 miles a day. Sometimes when I am very tired and am really not trying at all the ride can take me 1 hour and 40 minutes but this is very rare. I have got very close to getting the ride time down to 1:10 but usually it’s more like 1:20 door to door.

This is OK and about what I thought I would get it down to.

I continue cycling through the winter and only didn’t cycle because of the snow on 1 day when it was still thick and slushy even on the main roads. One day I cycled in and it –7! My water bottle froze like a slush puppy!

I am generally cycling 3 days a week but occasionally have a day off if I’m not feeling well or have drinks after work for example. I am planning on doing a bit more cycling to get in shape for the charity ride I am doing in June.

I have not bought a new bike yet but I want to sort that out soon so I can get used to it by the time I do the charity ride.


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