Sunday 13 June 2010

Dorking Downs

I did my first organised run today with Evans Ride It. I did the Dorking & North Downs short run. That’s 30 miles which is long for me but the medium is 60 miles and long is 90 miles.

I had originally booked the fun ride which is only 12 miles but a few days ago I decided to do the short. I am glad I did. I do 12 miles twice a day whenever I commute. My only hesitation was that the route was supposed to be very hilly. It really was hilly!

I did enjoy the run although I was counting down how far I had left for most of the day. The hills really were tough. I only walked up one of the hills as I had some problem with my gears and couldn’t get down into the lowest ratio. On the other big ascents I pedalled all the way but was in first gear a lot doing around 5 or 6 MPH.

I am really pleased that I managed to finish the day and it’s given me more confidence about doing the 60 mile Evans run at the start of July and the 80 mile sponsored event at the end of July.

Total Distance: 30 Miles
Top Speed: 30.2 MPH
Total Time: 2:59:50
Average Speed: 10.11 MPH
Moving Time: 2:31:29
Average Moving Speed: 11.92 MPH
Elevation Gain: 2,408 ft
Min Elevation: 301 ft
Max Elevation: 890 ft

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